Apartment 4 at Ed’s (no name) Bar in Winona! 10/24

Apartment 4!

Apartment 4!

The Winona band, Apartment 4 will be playing at Ed’s Bar (E 3rd st) in downtown Winona this Saturday, October 24th!

This show will be free of charge and it starts at 9:00 P.M.

These guys are the best electronic/rock/funk band to come out of Winona.

Apartment 4 is a band composed of four Winona State seniors:

Karl Brueggemann: Keyboards & Vocals, Justin Smith: Electric Bass, Christ Woznicki: Drums, Andrew McManimon: Guitar

I’ve seen these guys play over 5 times, and I keep coming back because the music is orginal and makes you get up and dance.

Come out and get down!

This will be an 21+ show.

More by Apartment 4 below!



5 responses to “Apartment 4 at Ed’s (no name) Bar in Winona! 10/24

  1. Ed’s really excited for the Apt 4 show! This is a great band comprised of some stellar fellas.
    One thing to note…
    Ed’s is a bar. Shows are always 21+. WE NEED to comply with the laws and YOU NEED to help us. Sorry to the 18-21 crowd- but just as the rest of us needed to- you too must wait to see shows at bars.
    We sincerely appreciate the fact that there are so many folks of all ages who appreciate good music in Winona. Please help us stick around to serve the community’s live music scene for years to come by not jeapordizing our business by coming out before you are of age. If you are 21+, thank you for choosing to see quality music at Ed’s.
    Peace and love!

    • Thank you very much Ed, I will make some changes and let the people know the shows are 21+
      However, I didn’t have to wait until I was 21 to see live music at Ed’s, Rascals, Draught House, or even Jeffersons.
      When I was 18 and a freshman at Winona, I had no problem getting in anywhere and listening to live music that I so much enjoy.

      I’m sorry, I cannot help someone who doesn’t want to help others. Therefor, I will not be posting about shows coming to Ed’s anymore.
      This blog is about the music, not the business, and apparently you don’t care enough to make 18+ shows happen for the live music fanatic. How come you cannot just ID at the bar, and not the door? Have a cover charge at the door or something if you need to make money.
      When I would come watch shows at Ed’s (when I was underage), I didn’t need to drink, I came there for the music, and would have the best time of my life.
      Is there some law that I hadn’t heard of that was recently passed? If there was, I can still not support it. Music should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age.

      • winonamusicman

        If you are IDing at the door, can you not make a cover charge for the minors? It would be unfair to make the people of age to drink pay for a cover and drinks as well, but it would be very fair to charge a cover for anyone under the age of 21. Card at the bar, its very simple, unless it is completely illegal to have anyone under 21 at the bar. Which I have not heard of.

  2. Check out Minnesota Statute 340A.503 Subd. 4 (2009). This state law governs minors entering licensed liquor premises. Obviously it’s illegal for someone under 21 to purchase alcohol. But according to the law, it’s only illegal for a person under 21 to enter a licensed premise with the purpose of purchasing or being served alcohol. The law specifically says a business may allow those under 21 to enter for a number of reasons, including working, eating food (if applicable), and Subd. 4(b)(2) “attend social functions that are held in a portion of the establishment where liquor is not sold.”

    Now Ed’s is in tricky territory due to the size and layout, but a live band would definitely be considered a social function, and one could make the case that the area of the establishment including the stage, bathrooms, and where all the tables/chairs are located and the ‘dance floor,’ are all the portion where liquor is not sold (plus the side lounge, too, for that matter). At Ed’s, you can only buy alcohol at the main bar from a bartender. So really, it seems like it would be completely legal to let people under 21 into Ed’s Bar as long as they don’t purchase or consume alcohol while there or try to or have anyone else do it for them.

    • Thanks Justin, this is great information, and hopefully Winona bar owners will re-think their policy.
      Much obliged

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