Cosmic Railroad at Holzinger Lodge Tonight! 10/9

The Jam/Rock band Cosmic Railroad will be making their semi-annual visit to Winona tonight!

These guys play an amazing show, even if you may not like the music, the experience is worth showing up for.

Cosmic is a group of gentlemen from southeastern Wisconsin that have been playing together since 1999.

They play the classic oldies such as the Grateful Dead, Phish, and Bob Dylan, yet still find time to make their own, new, rock and jam music.

As Patrick Fineran from the Journal Times puts it “If you like the Dead, Phish, older Dave Matthews and bands like that, Greg, Mike, Pete, Paul, Brandon and Shawn may be what you looking for.”
Cosmic is a band consisting of:

Greg Gierl -Guitars and Vocals

Brandon Shilts -Guitars and Vocals

Pete Rallo -Guitars and Vocals

Paul Aceto -Bass and Vocals

Mike White -Drums and Percussion

Shawn Laurence -Drums and Percussion

The show starts at 7 PM tonight and ends at 12:00 PM

The show will be 18+ and it will be free!

Holzinger Lodge is located across 61 on 651 E. Lake Blvd.

Hear more by Cosmic Railroad by clicking below!


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