Bakesale! show tonight at Holzinger! Thumbelina at Ed’s (no name) bar!

Don’t forget to poke your head on in at Holzinger lodge to see my band Bakesale! tonight (check the post below). However, if you can’t make it up there, would rather stay close to home, or just don’t like our type of music; then do I have great news for you. Thumbelina and the Tangerine fists of Justice will be playing at Ed’s (no name) bar on East 3rd street tonight!

These guys are good friends of mine and they put on a great show. On drums we have my ex-roommate and percussion superstar Christ W. We have Zach K. on lead guitar, Megan on rhythm guitar and vocals, as well as Randy on the bass.

Thumbelina’s sound can be categorized as Garage/Indie/Post-Punk. To really understand what they sound like, you should go check them out. This show will be free of charge, and it his highly recommended that you are 21 before entering. Show up for great music, good drinks, and fabulous people. If you want to check them out, go here:

I’ll be seeing you all tonight hopefully!


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