Live music: Bakesale! at Holzinger Lodge, Winona, MN. Free Show!

For all those live music fans; we have a great band coming to Holzinger Lodge in Winona, MN. Fortunately for me, my band (Bakesale!) will be playing this Friday, September 4th, at Holzinger Lodge. Whats the occasion? Despite a few peoples birthday party, we are just trying to throw down the hottest live music event for the beginning of the school year.

Bakesale! can be classified as a Rock/Jam band but we would prefer if you just called us great. We write our own funky/rocky music and cover songs by great bands like – Grateful Dead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Steve Miller Band, Tom Petty, and Phish ETC.

Bakesale! is a groovy band straight out of the dorms of Winona, MN formed in spring of 08. The band consists of influential lead guitarist Max Z. Also known as the rock hobbit. We have myself; Stephen Bennett banging on the drums like a fool. On base guitar we have the funky criminal Alex Toast. Our vocalist is named Kaityln O’Connor, and we have a rhythm guitarist that goes by the name of Jeffy K.

Come over and party with us while listening to some great music! The music will start no later than 9:30!

Holzinger is located across 61 on Huff St. Instead of going left up to Garvin Heights, take a right and go past the cemetery for a few minutes and it will be on the left hand side.

Also, this is a free show, so save some money and rock out.

More to come on this event.


One response to “Live music: Bakesale! at Holzinger Lodge, Winona, MN. Free Show!

  1. This will be a free show as well!

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